Large-format printing

Printing large-format materials

Nowadays, when the Internet is a dominant advertising medium, printed materials and broadly defined outdoor services are still performing the significant function in shaping a company’s image and gaining new customers.

Rockefeller claimed that he knew that every second dollar invested in advertising sunks in mud. As he said, the problem was he did not know which one dollar it is.

We know which one and we will help you in conducting your campaign in the way you will not trash your money.

We have a pleasure to offer you the service which has been extensively used for a couple of years by big companies. Now we want to make it available for small and medium-sized enterprises. Because each business is worth to be promoted in a professional way.

Caring about the highest quality of the prepared projects, we want to provide you a product perfectly adjusted to the circumstances, which will draw your customers’ attention and carry out its task efficiently.

When it comes to large-format projects, Exulto will prepare for you:

  • The design of billboards
  • The design of signboards
  • The design of illuminated advertisements Citylight
  • The design of sticks for company cars
  • The design of stalls for trade fairs, roll-ups, etc.

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