Creating mobile applications for iPhone & Android

Mobile applications are the driving force of smartphones.  Easy and well-thought-out applications enable a user to benefit from the unlimited access to entertainment and education everywhere. The sales of devices using systems iOS and Android is still rising. What is more, nowadays the quantity of sold iPhones outnumbers even the number of children born every day. There can be drawn a clear conclusion that the demand for such products is growing rapidly.

Exulto will create for you applications adjusted to both Android and iOS. The only thing needed is your idea and we will take care of the rest.

When it comes to mobile applications, Exulto will prepare for you:

  • The specification of an application aims and, later on, the design of a wireframe (prototype)
  • The use of the Titanium framework
  • The graphic project prepared by the experienced and skilled graphic designer
  • Thanks to the advanced technology, the application will be available for iPhone and Android at once
  • Help in the advertisement of the ready application by creating landing pages and issuing press releases
  • When needed, the design of application in Objective-C and Java (the native languages of iOS and Android)

Portfolio Exulto

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