The Internet advertising

Nowadays, it is crucial to reach as many prospective customers as possible. To achieve the real success in the Internet, you should not only run your website, but also promote it in order to increase the number of visitors.

Exulto deals with websites positioning, various campaigns in social media, for example, on Facebook or Twitter. Our team also leads specified promotional campaigns using landing pages, which enable us to count precisely how many users have a contact with our advertisement. We just seize the opportunities which can be helpful in improving a company’s marketing.

When it comes to promotion in the Internet, Exulto offers:

  • Websites positioning
  • Maintaining a company’s account on Facebook
  • Maintaining a campaign in Google AdWords
  • Projects of landing pages
  • Planning strategy for promotional activities on the Internet
  • Cooperation with portals dealing with PR: to even improve the image of a company
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